Spain, the third country in the world with the most cyberattacks on companies

94% of companies have suffered a cybersecurity incident in the last year

94% of Spanish companies admit to having suffered some cybersecurity incident. In fact, Spain positioned itself in 2022 as the third country in the world in terms of cyber attacks. This is noted in a recent study published by Deloitte, which shows that 94% of Spanish companies have suffered at least one serious cybersecurity incident in the last year.

The sectors most affected in terms of cybersecurity are the insurance sector, the TMT (telecommunications, media and technology) sector, and the manufacturing, banking and public administration sectors.

Spain is in third position in terms of hacking. Ahead are Turkey and Japan. According to the National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE), the most frequent security incidents are fraud and identity theft, which affect both companies and citizens. The data is corroborated by the National Cryptological Center (CNN-CERT) which shows that 2021 has been the year in which the most critical incidents have been managed, registering a total of 28,695 vulnerabilities, with an increase of 12% compared to the previous year.

heavy losses

The editorial manager of Tokio School, Leticia García, assures that security breaches in a company “can mean large economic losses for it as well as the loss of confidence in the company and the exposure of confidential data both from the business and its workers. ”.

In this sense, experts recommend increasing investment in cybersecurity. According to IDC, in 2022 investment in cybersecurity grew by 7.7%, reaching 1,749 million euros. The company advances that by 2025 the investment is expected to exceed 2,200 million.

Companies focus their cybersecurity efforts on unified threat management, system integration, and network and endpoint outsourcing services. In this sense, the report prepared by Google and entitled ‘Current panorama of cybersecurity in Spain’ shows that 99.8% of the Spanish business fabric does not invest in cybersecurity.